Captive Insurance Management

Captive Insurance ManagementA Captive Insurance Leader

At JLT Barbados, we understand that captive management requires constant adjustment with a keen understanding of regulatory compliance and administrative tasks. We provide this and more.

An ongoing needs analysis – We will make sure your solutions are flexible when cash flow, capital requirements, exposures and insurance needs change. Once you establish a captive, we’ll continue to work with you on program improvements annually.

Whether your captive structure includes a single parent company, association, group, segregated cell company or separate account, JLT Barbados delivers solutions tailored to meet your challenges.

Comprehensive administrative services – Captives need to regularly monitor financial projections, cost-benefit analysis, applications, captive board by-laws and a host of other administrative duties.

JLT Barbados reviews these and other documents, revises them as needed and provides full accounting and recordkeeping services. We will also organize your captive’s board meetings, providing comprehensive meeting binders that expedite your decision-making process.

Full third-party administration – Depending on your program’s size and scope, you may need to integrate the efforts of consultants, auditors, financial sources and other professionals. Whether we provide you with a turnkey solution or you use separate professionals, we’ll work to integrate every aspect of your program to provide a seamless solution.

Constant insurance review – Your insurance program may involve finite insurance, reinsurance or any other combination of risk-financing methods. Because we understand your captive’s needs may evolve over time, JLT Barbados professionals will leverage their experience and expertise to monitor your insurance needs and customize an appropriate insurance structure.

Expert regulatory compliance –With our years of experience, we will help you navigate through your regulatory and reporting requirements.

JLT Barbados can help establish procedures for receipt of payment and premiums, claims, operating accounts and cash management — all within the guidelines of your captive’s investment policy.

Rent-a-captive capacity When establishing a single parent or group captive isn’t appropriate, smaller companies may opt for a rent-a-captive structure. These entities are called Protected Cell Companies (PCCs) or Segregated Account Companies (SACs), depending on their location. The advantage of these protected cell structures is that participants share operating costs, but don’t share losses.

JLT Barbados offers cost-effective protected cell solutions through Isosceles, a JLT Insurance Management Company.